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Boost Your Brain Power: Eat More Chocolate

Boost Your Brain Power: Eat More Chocolate

Any reason to eat more chocolate is a good one, and improving our brain power is up there with the best. You may have heard by now that chocolate has many health benefits and lots of antioxidants that our body needs to function properly and many are linked to a healthy brain. However, this isn’t the case with all chocolate - the mass produced types we are used to from the supermarket have many additives and are heavily processed. The high sugar content in them causes the effect of the nutrients and healthy benefits to become non-existent and therefore will not improve our brain power (Unfortunately this does include our beloved Cadburys!).

Boost Your Brain Power

The link to improved brain power is stemmed from the flavonols. Flavonoids are a chemical found in fruits, chocolate and even red wine. Studies have shown that those who consume more have experienced benefits with cognitive impairment and deterioration that comes with old age. Cocoa's flavonoids are very clever in the way that they get to work in the brain's learning and memory section, known to help prevent memory loss and diseases such as alzheimer's.

Improve Your Mood

Another bonus to eating cocoa rich chocolate is that it is a real mood booster and is why we feel so good when we eat it. The Serotonin found in chocolate has the ability to induce pleasurable desires, hence why many call it an aphrodisiac. It is linked to the endorphins in the body which control our sex drive and general mood, so the more cocoa we consume the better we should feel and the more pleasurable hormones are produced!

Stop Snacking

You may not believe it, but it does in fact satisfy our cravings and stop us from eating junk food and getting hungry. Although cheap, sugary chocolate in fact does the opposite, it can make us addicted and fuel our cravings. Dark and raw cocoa or cacao is great for curbing our appetite and is extremely satisfying, meaning we only need a small amount rather than the whole bar. Our brain processes the chocolate as message that we’re full and don’t need anymore.

If you’re looking to boost your brain-power and find a guilt free way to eat chocolate then make sure you’re buying cold-pressed products as these will keep all the nutrients, minerals and antioxidants that do wonders for our bodies.

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