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Healthy Beer? Yes, Really

Healthy Beer? Yes, Really

Do you feel guilty for knocking back a few pints at the weekend? Even if you're not particularly health conscious, the prospect of developing beer belly is enough to fill us with dread. With over 100 calories in a typical 330ml bottle, beer surely can’t be any good for us?

Of course, excessive drinking of any kind will put strain on our bodies. But in small amounts, some experts believe drinking beer can actually be good for you. Whilst there are better drinks to be putting in your body, beer definitely isn't the worst. 

Healthy beer? Yes, really. Here’s why you shouldn’t put down your pint glass just yet:

For Brain Health

A certain flavanoid found in hops and beer has proven beneficial for boosting brain health. This same type of flavanoid is also found in blueberries, dark chocolate and red wine and it’s the thing that gives them their dark colour. Luckily for us, most beers contain small amounts of proteins, vitamins and minerals. These can boost our immune system and in some cases even improve cognitive function - although this doesn’t count if you’ve had a few too many!

For A Healthy Heart

Beer is renowned for its blood-thinning effects, which is what gets us so drunk so quickly. However, this doesn’t just lead to embarrassing stories and a banging head: studies have shown that this can help prevent clots and blockage in our arteries. Preventing these kinds of blockages has been known to lower the risk of heart disease and stroke.

To Beat Stress

The main ingredient in beer, these small flowers have been used for years for their health benefits. Hops are often used to help relieve anxiety and make us sleepy and relaxed (makes sense!). The acids in hops are also great for fighting off inflammation and are thought to reduce or prevent tumours.

As great as this all sounds, this only relates to a moderate consumption of beer. Like most things, drink too much and the health benefits can be reversed! But there's no need to be feel guilty about enjoying a pint or two. Next time you fancy a trip to the pub, just's good for you! 

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