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What is Ras El Hanout?

What is Ras El Hanout?

Don’t feel stupid if you haven’t heard of this one before - I only recently discovered Ras El Hanout recently myself! If you’re a bit of a food explorer and like discovering new flavours, then Ras El Hanout should be top your list. In fact - Ras El Hanout means ‘top of the shop’ in Moroccan! Ras El Hanout can instantly turn the most basic food into a flavoursome North African-inspired dish, making it a definite must-have for your spice cabinet. 

But what is Ras El Hanout ? Well, we’ve established it’s a spice - but not just one. Ras El Hanout is actually a blend of spices. The exact blend varies from place to place, but in a typical mix you can expect to find cardamon, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, cumin, tumeric, fenugreek and rose.....amongst others. I'm sure you're dying to hear how to you can use this blend in your everyday dishes, so here are some ideas for how to use Ras El Hanout:  


Sprinkle on popcorn for a guilt-free treat, add into savoury veggie muffins or have a go at making some Moroccan-style biscuits. Yes, it really is that versatile....


It has to be done. The best way to appreciate the flavour of Ras El Hanout is by making a tagine. This slow-cooked dish is often made with lamb but as I'm vegetarian, I make a vegetable, caramelised onion and chickpea tagine. Seriously, it tastes unreal! 

Sauces and marinades

Having Ras El Hanout handy in your cupboard is a life-saver when it comes to cheering-up any (dare we say it) dry or bland food. We love adding it to greek yoghurt with a bit of lemon juice and some zest on top! It makes a cool-but-warm dip, perfect with falafel, chickpea burgers, or even just pitta bread


Not your typical chocolate cake, I'm talking proper Moroccan fruit cakes with dates, apples and of course, a pinch or two of Ras El Hanout.

If you do come across a way to use this spice with chocolate then please let us know! We haven't tried it yet, but sure it's only a matter of time....

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