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Priory Vodka

Priory Vodka

Near Wetherby

Award winning vodka made from potatoes from the farm, paired with local spring water.

As a potato supplier to some big retailers and restaurants, they’ve always wondered how to best use perfectly acceptable surplus produce which isn’t taken by these clients; short of ploughing it back into the ground. It was a happy coincidence that Eric and his family from Poland, came to live and work on the farm. Eric, who used to help his granddad produce alcohol back in Poland, famously maintained that Polish made vodka was ‘better than the Russians’; so they decided to put his boasting to task, and look into making a vodka on the farm. 

Two years later, they arrived at a product which quickly earned some amazing accolades in its short lifetime – two Gold awards for the micro distillery and ultra premium categories at the Vodka Masters awards in 2017. The potatoes come straight from their fields, and the fresh local spring water only makes a short journey 13 miles down the road to get to them. Their vodka is pure, fruity and floral – and all made from their home grown potatoes. This is a true taste of Yorkshire spirit; from the ground up.