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Radek's Chocolate

Radek's Chocolate


Makers of award winning organic, vegan, refined sugar-free chocolate and brownies. 

The Origins

Back in 2008, deep in the heart of Bristol (the source of the very first chocolate bar!), a passion was born. Radek, our founder and master chocolate maker, was busy at work while discovering cacao beans for the first time. While putting his skills to use at the award winning vegetarian restaurant, Cafe Maitreya, the cacao beans kept calling. The rest is history! Learning from the exploration of fine cuisines and inventive dishes, Radek gathered his fine-tuned skills and knowledge of the industry. He used them to build the Bristol artisan chocolate brand (and cook the brownies!) which we all remain grateful for to this day. And so deep in his very own Bristol chocolate factory, the magic started to happen!

The Creation

Inspired by Radek’s passion for travel and love of the planet, Radek’s Chocolate has always strived to source high quality ingredients. They are fair trade, organic where possible and we always buy from trusted suppliers. Radek’s Chocolate is officially organic and certified by OF&G. We are extremely proud to participate in the global movement towards a happier planet. We collaborate with trusted businesses (such as Bristol CBD) and source locally wherever we can. All of our packaging is recyclable or compostable, and we do everything we can to keep our prices affordable for the greater good.

The Love

From start to finish, our products are treated with utmost love and care by our conscious staff members. Everybody at the Radek’s Chocolate factory aligns with the values that set the foundation for a thriving business. Caring for the planet and caring for each other will always be a priority. The result is an ever growing and transforming range of delicious, vegan and organic chocolate treasures. Not only do they indulge your senses but bring great benefits to your body as well! You can find us sipping our Bristol artisan hot chocolate on the cool winter mornings. Or, we may be delivering chocolate treats all over the U.K in festival season. Whatever the weather, we’re working hard to send our artisan chocolate to all corners of our beloved home. And sometimes even further!We’re proud of the business we’ve become, and look forward to every next step of the journey ahead.