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Two unique ranges of premium Italian liqueurs, spirits, and wines.

First our sour cherry drinks. A few years ago, Rob and Jane had four bottles plonked on the table at the end of a dinner in Le Marche, Italy -grappa, amaro, limoncello and a mysterious fourth one containing a dark red liquid, which turned out to be Visciolata a sublime cherry-infused dessert wine. This is made from sour cherries and grapes. Soon afterwards, Rob and Jane met the family that produce Visciolata in Serra de' Conti, a beautiful medieval hill-top village and started to import their drinks.

The wine is made according to an ancient family recipe and using old techniques involving a lot of hard work! All the cherries are grown within a few miles of the cantina and are hand-picked by the family and their friends. The whole process from picking to producing the bottles ready to sell takes about 18 months and to cap it all the drinks are vegan and vegetarian.  Our Visciolata and Acquavite are truly artisan!

The second range is our stunning liqueurs which both look and taste amazing. These are produced for us in Le Marche quite near Serra de' Conti. The Serravinci range of liqueurs consists of 12 different flavours which we try to add to each year.


We're not the only ones who love them!

Matthew Jukes wine writer for Daily Mail said:

"Visciolata del Cardinale.  This is an extraordinary elixir – made from dried sour cherries and sweetened Cabernet Sauvignon wine.  Designed to be drunk with chocolate puddings or after supper, as a thrilling digestif, the cherry flavour here is utterly mesmerising.  I have never tasted anything like this in my life".

 and according to Fiona Beckett wine writer for the Guardian:

"If you're giving food as a present, it's a nice touch to give a bottle to go with it. In the case of indulgent chocolate treats, that could be a bottle of port or sherry, such as........or the truly delicious Visciolata del Cardinale, a sweet wine made from cabernet sauvignon infused with dried sour cherries".