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Spare Snacks

Spare Snacks

St. Albans

Sparing food is in my DNA. Growing up, my mum repurposed food until it had its own personality and pension plan.

No wonder I can’t stomach the ugly truth that 50% of the food we produce is needlessly wasted.

Much of it, for well, looking ugly. That’s why we transform it into beautifully healthy, award-winning fruit & veg crisps, that are good for people, producers & the planet

Because the more we snack, the less we waste.

Waste Not, Want Lots!

We're not the only ones who love them!

Top rated fruit crisps on Ocado!


Spare Apple Crisps:

All gone in a few days ! We like the no waste eco approach and the taste and product is better than our normal crisps !

Simon, London

These are really good. I'm not a big crisp fan, but these are healthy (1 of your five a day), crispy, crunchy, flavoursome crisps. If you like veg crisps and fancy a sweeter option, go for these. Love that they use oddly shaped apples too

Catherine, Lincoln


Bought these for the kids to try in their packed lunches. They love them! Not messy and one of their 5 a day (despite them thinking they are crisps!). Will be buying again!

Jude, Kent

My kids love these healthy snacks - usually choosing them over crisps and other treats. Very tasty and a good eco-positive message! (Must admit, I really like them as well...)

Bob K, Sussex

Nice to find a kids fruit snack that isn't processed and soft...

Alex, London