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Spiral Tea

Kingston upon Thames

Carefully curated tea blends made of natural ingredients that help alter our physical, mental, and spiritual energy. 

Francesca, the founder of Spiral Tea, was born in the UK but raised and schooled in several countries — this allowed her to connect with different cultures, peoples, and lifestyles from a young age. The idea that you can discover your true self by connecting with others was a huge inspiration for her. 

Spiral Tea was born out of her background, love of travel, curiosity for life, and passion for art and health consciousness (oh, and a chronic throat problem that led to her exploring loads of different teas from around the world as a teenager!)

Spiral Tea's mission is to help you embark on an enlightening journey into expanding, connecting, and developing the mind, body, and soul experiencing more than just tea but rather a way to be.

Their first collection, 'Embracing Cultures' sends you on a journey experiencing the origin and tradition of teas influenced by Japan, Thailand, Egypt, Brazil, India, South Africa, and the UK. With each blend containing ingredients taken from its respective countries’ cultures, traditional remedies, native plants, and flowers.