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The Artisan Drinks Company

The Artisan Drinks Company

King's Lynn

Beautiful gift boxes with vibrant and exciting drinks. 

Steve Cooper, Alan Walsh and Mikey Enright - the drinks entrepreneur, the artist and the award-winning bar owner in Sydney - brought all their skills to the table to set up The Artisan Drinks Company, creating a vibrant and exciting drinks brand with standout appeal. All three had one thing in common, a desire to do things differently. This led to the Artisan ethos of “Why blend in when you can stand out…” For them, the growth in interest in craft spirits stimulated their imaginations - what if they could produce the perfect range of mixers that would complement the spirit, add an exciting dimension to cocktails and can also be equally delicious on their own?

Made with 100% natural ingredients and offering unique flavour combinations, Mikey has developed a range that truly complements craft spirits rather than drowning them in sugar or artificial ingredients. They start with the spirit in mind, carefully crafting their range to ensure they partner beautifully. When this is combined with Al’s outstanding illustrations, each with their own story of where the art was created, you can see the artisan spirit behind this very different type of mixer drink!