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The Careless Collection


A MasterChef inspired range of unique luxury filled chocolate bars.

The origin behind this stunning range of chocolates is unique to say they least. When David, the founder of the Careless Collection, took part in MasterChef, he and his fellow contestants were tasked with creating a dish for an idol. David chose George Michael. He decided to do a take on the title of his song, “Careless Whisper” with a famous UK chocolate bar, the Cadburys Wispa.

In the show, David presented 2 different bars. One was filled with a rich chocolate mousse and balsamic vinegar, and the other with salted butter caramel. All served up with a delicious Greek yogurt ice-cream.The one he was “careless” with, he broke on purpose. Sadly, fresh chocolate mousse has only a three day refrigerated shelf life which doesn’t make it very commercially viable.

Hence, he has gone back to school to learn about shelf life and bring the product to you, so that you can enjoy it too. This is the first ever Masterchef dish that was created for the show and brought to life for retail.

We're not the only ones who love them!

As seen on Masterchef and featured in Riddle Magazine.