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The Greek Farmer


Hertfordshire based producer of Greek influenced cured meats using only natural ingredients and free range British meat.

The owner & founder, Tony Charalambides, was born in the early 80’s and raised in Hackney, London, to an Irish mother and Greek Cypriot father. Family & food were and still are the most important factors growing up in a Cypriot & Irish household. Having a strong passion for food, he was determined to create a food business.

A disused metal grain silo, built in the 1960s, sat tired and empty on his families farm and for years he was determined to make some use of it. In 2020 this silo was converted into what is now their walk in smokehouse and subsequently The Greek Farmer was born. 

We are the only UK producer of Greek influenced charcuterie. The authentic spice mixes together with our trademark wine bathing technique give our meat snacks their characteristic taste, reflecting on our Greek Cypriot heritage. The methods of producing delicious cured meat have stood the test of time and include dry curing in salt, cold smoking using oaks logs from local sustainable woodlands and hanging to age for many months in our state of the art temperature and humidity controlled ageing room.