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The Host's Pantry

The Host's Pantry


Luxury meal kits as well as exceptional ingredients sourced from local and international farms.

The Host's Pantry was born out of love for good food and hosting friends and family, and we wanted to create a service that would allow anyone, whether they’re an experienced home cook or not, to feel like they can host a wonderful meal at home. 

We’re big believers that if the food doesn’t turn out quite how you expected that actually it doesn’t matter, as long as the setting is warm, glasses are filled and the people around the table are happy the meal can still be a success.

We’ve always found that one of the biggest challenges to hosting isn’t cooking the meal but sourcing the ingredients. The quality and freshness of produce is paramount to us, and to the success of any dish. We have designed The Host’s Pantry so that you don’t have to try and find time to travel to multiple places to source the best ingredients. We are so proud to be working with some incredible suppliers, which in turn allows us to provide you with extraordinary produce that’s delivered straight to your door, without compromising on quality. Know that if we are prepared to travel a 50-mile round trip to get some award-winning beef, then that’s the beef we want to provide for you.

Our luxury meal kits are made up of exceptional produce and well structured instructions, affectionately named 'Hosting Guides'. Our Hosting Guides are designed to help you get the most out of hosting, making sure you're as prepared as you can be ahead of the event and that serving runs as smoothly as possible.

We also supply a mixture of rare breed beef, pork, lamb and poultry and fish directly from day boats from around the UK. We send all of our ingredients out in either biodegradable or recyclable materials, including wool insulated temperature controlled cardboard boxes. Everything is hand picked and wrapped at our HQ in Shropshire.

However you choose to use our service, we hope that you create some wonderful memories over some very delicious food.

Best wishes, 

Scott & Jess