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The Host's Pantry


Luxury meal kits as well as exceptional ingredients sourced from local and international farms.

The Host's Pantry was born out of love for good food and hosting friends and family, and Scott and Jess wanted to create a service that would allow anyone, whether they’re an experienced home cook or not, to feel like they can host a wonderful meal at home. They always found that one of the biggest challenges to hosting isn’t cooking the meal, but sourcing the ingredients. The quality and freshness of produce is paramount to them, and to the success of any dish. They have designed The Host’s Pantry so that you don’t have to try and find time to travel to multiple places to source the best ingredients.

Their Luxury meal kits are a combination of exceptional quality ingredients, and a well structured Hosting Guide for home cooks to follow. They also supply a mixture of rare breed beef, pork, lamb and poultry as well as being able to sell their own grown vegetables and fish directly from day boats from around the UK. They send all of their ingredients out in either biodegradable or recyclable materials, including wool insulated temperature controlled cardboard boxes.