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The March Hare Bakery


Small batch fresh-to-order handmade macarons & sweet treats.

The March Hare Bakery creates unique and high quality products with a variety of flavours, using the best quality ingredients. Each macaron is handmade and generously filled with a combination of rich ganaches, buttercreams, caramels & curds.

Our Story

As with most great things, they start from far away and humbly.

While the March Hare Bakery officially opened its doors in late 2020, our story dates back much further than that. It's the culmination of years of experience, creative drive, and appreciation for the products of creativity, hard work and persistence.

By the time he was in high school, the local bakery was the first place our owner, Vincent, would head off to in the morning, and the last place he would be before heading home at night. As the hours and experience accrued, he developed an appreciation for the simple yet challenging act of creating something with one’s own hands. Knowing that everything was made in the way that felt “just right”.

Three decades of learning from the best, working in high end Michelin star establishments and travelling around the world capturing exotic flavour combinations, makes Vincent a master at creating not only an array of exquisite & delicate pastries, but also delivering a complete and meaningful taste experience.

Despite loving the buzz of the professional kitchen where Vincent has grown his talent and perfected his craft, he has harboured always, a burning desire and passion to open his own bakery. Finally, an opportunity arose to open a small cottage bakery deep in the heart of the Mid-Wales hills. Through the help of his wife Callie and a few close friends and family The March Hare Bakery opened its doors in 2020.

We're not the only ones who love them!

The March Hare Bakery has won Great Taste Awards from the Guild of Fine Foods for their macarons - Marmite & Burnt Toast in 2021 & Green Apple & Fennel in 2022