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The Nut Kitchen

St Albans

Their nut products are proudly made on the Italian island of Sicily, a food lover's paradise and known as the garden of Europe due to its rich and diverse food production and gastronomic heritage.

Sicilian artisans hand-pick nuts to turn them into delicious jars of nut pastes and spreads, often described by customers as akin to experiencing “heaven in a jar”. 

In 2017, five of their products were awarded Great Taste stars by the Guild of Fine Food.  Having launched only a year ago, and having joined the awards for the first time,  they couldn't be more thrilled.

Top marks went to their Pistachio Paste for achieving 3 stars and being picked as one of Top 50 Foods for 2017. It was also nominated as Best Imported Food in the Golden Fork Awards. Judges described it as "having a wonderful aroma...really deep intensity with pure fresh pistachio flavour...warm sunny layers of flavour...great, pure, natural..with an admirable show of restraint and treatment...concentrated loveliness.

Not to be outdone, their Hazelnut Paste won 2 stars while their Hazelnut Spread,  Gianduia Spread and Almond Spread won 1 star each.