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The Oak and Rope Company


Hand-carved, exquisite oak pieces from a small corner of Kent.

Jeanette founded the Oak and Rope Company after discovering a passion for wood craft when making a gift for a friend. Taking a piece of oak and some rope Jeanette produced an Alice-in-Wonderland-proportioned swing with my friends house name carved on the edge. The ecstatic response from the recipient and numerous others sowed the seed.

Jeanette and her team take tremendous pride in creating beautiful things that will be around long after they are gone. Every single hand carved oak piece they make potentially becomes somebody’s heirloom. A lot of thought goes into giving someone a present from The Oak and Rope Company, and they aim to make sure it's perfect in every way.

We're not the only ones who love them!

Royal patrons and famous bottoms are sitting on their swings and benches and one famous actress made sure anybody who was anybody in Hollywood had one of their cheeseboards under their Christmas tree.

Personalised Round Oak Board
by The Oak and Rope Company
From  £165.00
Personalised Oak Carving Board
by The Oak and Rope Company
From  £235.00
Rectangular Oak Chopping Board
by The Oak and Rope Company
From  £155.00