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The Rested Cocktail Co.


- Our Story 

Established in 2014 by lifelong friends with a passion for classic cocktails.

“We would regularly mix up small batches of cocktails and then bottle them for parties, picnics and dinners. This meant we could arrive with the most interesting and delicious cocktails that were ready to serve. After several years of batching up cocktails for ours friends and family we thought it was time to share it with everyone else.

We started The Rested Cocktail Company with the simple aim of bringing authentic classic cocktails to more people and occasions

"The Rested Cocktail Co. have created a range of award-winning bottled cocktails using the finest ingredients and traditional recipes. All you need to do is add ice or serve from the freezer.


- Our Aim

“Bring authentic classic cocktails to more people and occasions” 


-Our Mantras

“Source the finest ingredients to produce top quality, iconic, easy to serve cocktails”

“Never take the easy route and compromise on authenticity”

“Build the cocktail the same way you would in a great bar”

We're not the only ones who love them!


 “One of my favourite drinks of all time, so I approached with a critical mind … I must say they have done a cracking job”


“Delicious stuff, nicely balanced, and rich, unctuous mouthfeel. Boom!”


"I haven't tried many bottled cocktails at home before but there Three Rum Old Fashioned showed me what I have been missing out on"