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The Sauerkraut Company

The Sauerkraut Company


An incredible producer of naturally fermented probiotic Lacto-Sauerkraut from Petworth, West Sussex.

Simon Arnold is the proud founder of this health-conscious food brand. He is now based back at the heart of the South Downs-National-Park in Petworth, West Sussex, near where he grew up. An area among the green fields and Oak-Rich woodlands, the area that Simon loves to the core.

However, for nearly 30 years of his life, Simon lived & worked overseas in Germany, where I trained and worked as an Engineer for Mercedes-Benz. The knowledge he gained over there from the locals, set him on the path he now leads. Experiencing from the folk around him first-hand the true art of fermentation, where they would ferment all kinds of weird & wonderful vegetables. The healthy art of fermentation quickly became a passion of Simon, making naturally fermented Sauerkraut really struck a chord and he loves it to this day! Simon finds it is truly fascinating, that a basic vegetable can deliver far greater quantities of nutritional benefit to us once fermented than it does before the art and the magic of fermentation takes place. All these years later, back in West Sussex, Simon is still fermenting vegetables, still perfecting the nutritious food his wife Karen and him make for you to enjoy and benefit from, in a really healthy way!

We're not the only ones who love them!

Won the Great Taste Award in 2018 for their amazing Barrel Aged Traditional Sauerkraut.