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The Spice Sultan

The Spice Sultan


Premium spice blends bringing perfection to any meal. 

Growing up as a foodie meant that the opportunity to travel not only gave David the chance for adventure, but also the means to discover more about authentic cooking. Before setting off with his backpack, he worked as a chef in the famous Thali Café – a quirky restaurant renowned for serving delicious Indian street food in the festival fields including Glastonbury. This is where his passion for spice-based cooking really began. He spent time with locals around the world determined to unlock the secrets behind authentic spice-based cooking, keeping a carefully guarded diary full of scribbled down spice blend recipes. Upon returning from a spice trail which included India, South East Asia, and North Africa, David began recreating those special blends!

Cooking with fresh spices makes all the difference to flavour of food. The Spice Sultan grind, blend and measure their spice mixes to perfection, giving you the ultimate eating experience. Their spice mixes also accompany exciting recipe cards from around the world. From Yemin to Ethiopia, you'll be cooking up magical new dishes that are sure to impress friends and family!