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#teamtroo is a family business – run by husband and wife team Mike and Helenor Rogers with help from their children Carys & Euan. Passionate about food and health; we are on a mission to inspire others to enjoy a gut-healthy diet, providing some delicious gut-healthy products along the way. Our children are a constant source of inspiration. It was our fussy-eating son Euan who encouraged us to try to make something more out of our homemade granola. This became our first product. But we wanted to be defined by more than just a product range. We started to investigate trends in food science whilst consolidating our own food beliefs. We started to learn about gut health and this really struck a cord. Like many others, our family history contains a number of health scares and issues. With mental health issues, bowel and other cancers; a parasitic disease, obesity and food allergies amongst them; understanding our own gut-health and sharing our learning with others felt particularly important. We want to help people to make the right choices when it comes to the food they eat; by giving them easy to understand information about food and gut health and by creating delicious, products and recipe ideas that they can easily incorporate into their everyday diet. For example our Troo Granola Toasting Kits let people choose the type and quantity of sweetener and oil they use - if they want to use any at all. We also want to be cheerful about this – it’s definitely not about preaching or about taking away the pleasure of eating. It’s the complete opposite of this. We aim to bring a smile to gut healthy eating with lip-smacking products that people love eating. We are so excited to be starting this journey, and hope you enjoy the ride! Try eating with Greek Yoghurt and a little fresh fruit; layered in a glass with fruit and yoghurt as a delicious and beautiful breakfast sundae or simply on it's own with your choice of milk. Make breakfast your most enjoyable meal of the day

We're not the only ones who love them!

SuperSeed TrooGranola won a star in the 2016 Great Taste Awards, Nutty was a winner in 2017. Comments include: "An enjoyable mix with a generous variety of ingredients." "Interesting and varied ingredients and textures. A pleasant mix with flavours that work well together, sweet and savoury." "Evenly toasted, lightly spiced and with good quality nuts and berries. Some good little clusters of nuts which are very enjoyable" "We really like the look of this - whole nuts and seed, good amount of spicing. It has a really appealing toasted nose. Each individual element stands out and is fresh and crisp." "A very more-ish granola. I love this and could eat the entire box in one sitting."

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