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Five Minute Meals Gift Box

Do you know someone who loves Italian food but never has enough time to lovingly prepare it? We've filled our Five Minutes Meals Gift Box with quality Italian ingredients and ready made mixes which allow them to save time in the kitchen and to recreate some fabulous traditional Italian meals.

We have included three types of high quality artisanal pasta which keeps its shape when cooked and has an incredible texture that sauces just love to cling to, four fabulous ready-to-use sauces, two dried pasta sauce mixes and two easy to prepare risotto mixes.

Here's what's in our gift box :

  • Bronze Die Cut Rigatoni Pasta (500g). Rigatoni are a large tube-shaped pasta with deep ridges on the surface. They are great for oven baked pasta dishes and pair well with cheesy and tomato sauces.
  • Bronze Die Cut Linguine Pasta (500g). Our linguine come from the home of pasta, Gragnano near Naples. This is a great quality product which retains its shape when cooked and tastes amazing.
  • Cavatelli Pasta (500g). This small hand made pasta is shaped like mini hot dog buns! It goes well with chunky tomato and seafood sauces.
  • Tomato and Truffle Sauce (180g). Made with black summer truffle and best quality natural ingredients, this sauce will give a luxurious finish to any pasta dish.
  • Slow Food San Marzano Passata (380ml). Made from the world famous San Marzano tomatoes, this passata is perfect for making a delicious pasta sauce.
  • Colatura di Alici Pesto (made with traditional anchovy sauce)(110ml). A pesto sauce with a difference, prepared with the world famous traditional anchovy sauce from the Amalfi Coast.
  • Truffle and Porcini Mushroom Sauce (90g). This heavenly sauce has been created using black summer truffles from Acqualagna in Northern Italy and aromatic Porcini mushrooms. It goes well with pasta and can also be mixed into risotto.
  • Ortolana Dried Pasta Sauce Mix (50g). Make a delicious pasta sauce in minutes with this handy mix which combines aubergines, courgettes and pumpkins, just add tomatoes and olive oil!
  • Capri Dried Pasta Sauce Mix (50g). This mix reconstitutes into a hearty sauce when cooked with tomatoes. it's full of delicious vegetables including carrots, leeks and aubergines.
  • Ready Made Risotto mix with Prawns and Curry (250g). Made with superfine Carnaroli rice, prawns and curry, this is a tasty and easy to prepare meal. Just add some olive oil and follow the simple instructions.
  • Ready Made Risotto Mix with Four Cheeses (250g). Easy to prepare with all natural ingredients, this flavourful four cheese risotto makes for a quick and gourmet meal.
  • Tips to help your recipient make the most of these wonderful ingredients.

All of these easy meal essentials are presented in a lovely silver gift box tied with a ribbon.

A personalised gift message option is available.

Please note that if we are out of stock of any item we reserve the right to substitute it with the most similar available item.

Artificial ingredients free
Artificial ingredients free
Preservative free
Preservative free
GMO free
GMO free
Antibiotics/ synthetic hormones free
Antibiotics/ synthetic hormones free

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I treated myself to this for Christmas Day. It was delicious. Lots of fruit and wonderful texture. I'll definitely buy it again.

Organic Vegan Panettone

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Artificial ingredients free
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Preservative free
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GMO free
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Antibiotics/ synthetic hormones free
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