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Sara and Maria here! We love snacking so much that we started Well&Truly so that we could spend our days snacking and call it work! Our number one focus is taste and flavour. We have a range of wickedly addictive savoury crisps and a range of oh-so-creamy, plant based and ethical chocolate. 

Our savoury snacks are gluten free, contain 40% less fat than the average bag of crisps, and are jammed full of crave-worthy flavour. You know, that thing that keeps us going until we hit the bottom of the packet. Our chocolate is made using Oat M&LK which is a ma-hoof-sive step in the right direction for plant-based indulgence. They are available in 5 flavours and are packed with delicious inclusions. Now that we've rid crisps and chocolate of their naughty bits, you can finally snack like you really mean it! 

We're not the only ones who love them!

Well&Truly has won numerous awards over recent years, including Great Taste Awards and Top 100 UK Startup.  

Here's what people think of Well&Truly...

Ollie “The best Vegan Chocolate by far! Easily the best and most unique vegan chocolate on the market. This is absolutely delicious and I can't get enough of it.”

Kerry “Delicious! At last Vegan chocolate that tastes, melts, and eats like real dairy chocolate. This was totally yummy. Well done, Well&Truly”

Daily Mail “Creamy, indulgent and sustainably sourced”

Your Healthy Living “Indulgent vegan oat milk chocolate which is nice to the planet with plastic free packaging”