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Wilding Snacks


Wilding’s is a company that brings you exciting and innovative products that are full of amazing flavour and texture, offering a taste experience like no other. Passionate about real food and transforming the forgotten, our products are 100% natural, gluten free, low carb and high in protein. We are makers of the world’s first Duck Crackling and the UK's Lamb Crackling Snacks. Using only the finest ingredients, our premium snacks are rich in flavour yet much lighter in texture than traditional pork crackling.

The original idea of making Duck Crackling as a snack came to our Chef and Founder Adam Wilding during an event he worked on in London. Adam created a duck rillettes with black cherry canapé dish and served duck crackling as the base. The canapés were so successful Adam thought “why isn’t Duck Crackling a thing?”. Pursuing his idea, Adam quickly learned that Duck skin is notoriously difficult to keep crispy. However after many hours experimenting with his network of skilled scientists, he finally ‘cracked it’ and developed Wilding’s trade secret recipe. Adam went on to develop his second unique snack, Lamb Crackling, around one year later.

Wilding’s brand ethos is to celebrate the whole animal, we use ingredients rarely used to create nutritious and delicious food products. We make the snacks in our small but perfectly formed DCHQ in Wiltshire which has been designed to create zero food waste.

These conveniently sized, on-the-go snacks are perfect for high-fat low-carb eating lifestyles. Packed with flavour, Duck & Lamb Crackling can be sprinkled on soups and regenerative broths or added to salad dishes as a low carb, gluten free alternative to bread croutons. These versatile snacks make great accompaniments to charcuterie boards, perfect for summer alfresco dining. They also pair perfectly with wine, craft beer and craft gin.


We're not the only ones who love them!

Wilding's deliciously different premium Duck Crackling snack has been featured in the Harrods Food Hall, Virgin Atlantic Upper Class and Partridges of London.