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Need help with an order?

For anything you need with an order the fastest way to get help is to contact the Maker you have ordered from directly. They will provide you with full assistance.
  1. Go to your Orders page (you will need to login first if you haven't already. There is no guest checkout on Yumbles so login with the email address you used to place your order)
  2. Locate the order in the list and you will find it's status. You can also recheck the details.
  3. If you need further help click on the "Contact Seller" link to send the Maker your message
You will receive their reply by email and a copy will also appear in your Yumbles inbox. Our Makers aim to reply to all messages within 1 working day. They are small businesses committed to providing excellent customer service.

If your order has been delayed please note that our small business Makers and the delivery companies they work with, such as Royal Mail, are doing all they can to meet every estimated delivery date but there may be some instances of late order arrivals due to circumstances outside of our Makers’ control. We ask for your understanding and patience at this unprecedented time - and know that by doing so you are truly supporting a small business.

Have a question about a product?

Simply find the item on the site and if your question is not covered by the product information on that page, then click on the "Contact the Maker" button to directly message the people who make it. You will be asked to login so that you can receive their reply via email. As we (Yumbles) don't make the products nor hold any stock the only information that we have is the product information written by the Maker, that you can see on their product details pages. The Maker will be happy to help you, and they aim to reply to messages within 1 working day.

Have you received a gift from Yumbles and have a question?

Simply find the item on the site and if the answer to your question is not covered with the information on the page, click on the "Contact the Maker" button to ask the business who made the item and sent it to you, your question. You will be asked to create a login (email address and password) just so that you can receive their reply via email. All Makers aim to reply to questions within 1 working day. They will be happy to help you.

Do you need to cancel or change a subscription?

Simply go to the Subscriptions page in your Yumbles account to review your subscriptions and cancel any that you no longer need. Unfortunately at the moment it is not possible to make changes to a subscription, so just cancel any subscription that you want changed and then create a new subscription with your next order.

Need help with something else?

Please use the form below to send us an email and we'll reply as fast as possible. We aim to get back to everyone within 1 working day.

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Corporate & Trade

If you need help with a corporate or trade order please use the form above to contact us and we'll be in touch quickly to help you.


For press contact enquiries, please click here.


The Yumbles registered office address is 3 Queen Street, Pitstone, Leighton Buzzard, Beds, LU7 9AU.​


As a small team of food explorers we're not able to man the phones to offer inbound customer phone service. If you need help just complete the contact form above and we'll reply back to you quickly and even call you back if needed.

For any partnership, business or marketing enquiries please call 0203 322 1685.

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