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Selling on Yumbles

Join our thriving marketplace and community of more than 500 of the UK's most talented small producers.

We're on a mission to champion passionate small batch producers like you and see your business flourish. We take care of the e-commerce challenge leaving you to do what you do best - make show stopping food.


Your products will be seen by the growing thousands of highly engaged Yumbles food fans.


From SEO to Google adwords to advertising campaigns to PR to email marketing we will continually promote you and your products.


As a curated marketplace you’d be joining an exclusive group of hand-picked producers.


Getting started is fast (we set you up) and FREE. The tools we’ll then give you to manage your shop are best in class.


We know e-commerce. We’ll provide you advice every step of the way to maximize your success.


The exposure for your brand comes for free. You only pay a Yumbles service fee per order.

What our Food Makers say

Yumbles has been an ever-increasing part of our revenue streams and now is an important contributor to our monthly sales. They go the extra mile in understanding how our business and products fit with their audience, even suggesting different product sets and ways of retailing which have had a measurable impact on our sales. I couldn't recommend Yumbles highly enough and have already begun to spread the word among fellow producers!

Mark Hughes
Gourmet Spice Company
Deborah Chambers
Belinda Clark
Belinda Clark
Sara Stillwell
The Cocoa Garden
Debbie Stelling

How it works

Customers order & pay for your products through Yumbles


We send you instant email notifications for new orders


You prepare and send your foods to customers


We send you the payment automatically via BACs (no need to do a thing)


What we look for

Originality. Like nothing else out there.

All natural produce. ​Carefully and ethically sourced ingredients.

Great quality photos of the food (not just packaging).

Foods not widely distributed.

Produce that looks and tastes fantastic.

Independently produced. Small batch / handmade.

Fantastic customer service.

Producers keen to grow through direct, online sales.

More Questions?

How many orders will I get?

The potential is great but a lot depends on you. Like many marketplaces your order volumes will depend on what you put in: your products, product descriptions, pricing, shipping charges, product images...all of these factors and more will have a significant effect. We offer advice on every aspect and will work particularly closely with you on set-up to maximise your potential. You also need never receive more orders than you can handle. We have a very simple way for you to set your inventory levels.

What marketing do you do? How do you promote me?

Being a Yumbles seller doesn’t just mean having your products listed on our marketplace for thousands of food fans to discover. When your Yumbles shop is launched we like to do it with some fanfare. We will promote you across our social media channels and where we can also in our newsletters and on our homepage. Beyond launch we offer a range of marketing opportunities for our sellers: PR (both product placements and case studies), email newsletters, social media campaigns, online advertising campaigns, blog articles, competitions, promotions...

How do I get paid?

We automatically process payments via BACS monthly to our sellers for all orders received the previous calendar month. You don’t have to do a thing.

Still have more questions? Send in your no obligation application and we’ll be in touch or drop us a note.