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Baked in a Bun

Baked in a Bun


Handmade unique fresh Russian pies- the only ones in Europe!

Originating from the founder's family's first bakery in St. Petersburg in the 1800's, we revived the family business in Yorkshire with Cossack Cuisine. 200 years in the Baking! 

They named it "Piewich" - given its versatility to be served hot as an amazing pie, or cold as an artisan sandwich. Think of the Piewich as "Gourmet convenience food for busy people". A true echo of the piroshki's origins as the Russian miners food of choice as they toiled underground needing something to quick and tasty to keep them going !

Amazing range of vegan and veggie options, alongside the fish and meat choices.

We're not the only ones who love them!

* Multi-award winning 21st century version of the piroshki (pie) - making it healthier and more appealing with vegan and veggie options, alongside the fish and meat choices.

* Piewiches pie have earned the status of “Gourmet” by winning dozens of major National food awards.

* These include 9 Great Taste Awards including the hard-to-win 3 star level.

* Plus over 40 British Pie awards including Class Champion twice. And voted Best Christmas Pie by the British Baker trade magazine, Best Chilled Product at a National Trade Show, plus many other awards of a similar stature.

* Renée Elliott, founder of Planet Organic, described the unique Russian pie as the 'healthier pie'.

NOTE: Due to increase in delivery costs and the high cost of keeping our perishable products chilled we have take the reluctant step of introducing a minimum order of £35 for free shipping.