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Dust and Things


Personalised, one-of-a-kind, individually hand-crafted engraved gifts.

Dust and Things started out in a spare bedroom in Cardiff. The name came from one of the owners, Sian-Louise, after searching through a cluttered and uncovering a trove of vintage children's books, the pages of which she intended to re-work into useable envelopes. She walked outside and said "the shops that have the hidden treasures are always the one that are full of dust...and things!"

These bespoke gift makers create one of a kind engraved items so that each customer can be great gift-givers! No restriction on the number of letters or words and each piece is designed uniquely to make it look as extraordinary as possible.


We're not the only ones who love them!

Dust and things have been featured on ITV's This Morning and have been reviewed by Bizcrowd backing how great their brand is.

Family Slate Cheeseboard
by Dust and Things
From  £29.00
From  £29.00
From  £27.00
Personalised Recipe Box
by Dust and Things
From  £24.99
Cheese Lover's Chutneys Gift Set
4 x 42g
by Dust and Things
From  £11.95
Age Only Matters Cheeseboard
by Dust and Things
From  £33.00