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Luxury Vegan Christmas Hamper

Healthy Nibbles Luxury Vegan Christmas Hamper
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Packed to please even the most discerning palate, our Luxury Vegan Christmas Hamper is filled to bursting with an impressive selection of extraordinarily indulgent and healthy spirits, teas, chocolates, savoury snacks and patisserie. Brimming with the finest sweet treats such as Nourish Grow Cook Enjoy's red velvet and coconut macaroons and the delightful Mindfuel Chia and Raspberry Tart Pudding, which are joined by the the world's first copper pot distilled non-alcoholic spirit, Seedlip, paired with the mixer of choice, for the discerning pallette; Fevertree. A delicious array of chocolates, each with their own distinct flavours and textures awaits, alongside the finest selection of savoury snacks such as the newly launched Olly's olives, and Cru8 rosemary crackers. A truely gourmet treat. 

A Healthy Nibbles's hamper is both original and award-winning. The Luxury Vegan Christmas Hamper comes beautifully presented in our traditional wicker. Available for UK & EU delivery only. 


BUMBLE ZEST matcha, moringa and ginseng health drink (90ml)

T PLUS immunitea tea bags (30g)

SEEDLIP spice 94 non-alcoholic spirit (20cl)

FEVER TREE TONIC Indian tonic water (500ml)

TEA PIGS spiced winter red tea (37.5g)

HASSLACHER’S hot chocolate tube (200g)

MY RAW JOY spicy zucchini chips (30g)

LUKE’S ORGANIC chia seed multigrain and seed chips (142g)

MR FILBERTS Applewood smoked nuts (120g)

MISTER FREE’D blue corn tortilla chips (150g)

OLLY’S OLIVES chilli and herb (60g)

RAW HEALTH raw flax pumpkin crackers (90g)

CRU8 rosemary crackers (80g)

THE GIVING TREE broccoli chips (36g)

LEAFY tomato and oregano kale chips (10g)

NUTTY CACAO coconut and chocolate (30g)


RAW HEALTH apple and cinnamon rolls (80g)

NOURISH GROW COOK ENJOY red velvet and coconut (8 x pack)

SWEET DECEITS almond butter flapjack kit

MY RAW JOY cacao and white chocolate cookie (50g)

MINDFUEL chia and raspberry tart pudding mix

CALIFORNIA CRISPS strawberry (43g)

COVE CHOCOLATE HEARTS box of nine individual chocolates (73g)

PANA CHOCOLATE GIFT BOX coconut and goji, mint, raw cacao, sour cherry and vanilla (4 x 45g bars)

GOODIO wild blueberry (48g)

BOOJA BOOJA hazelnut four corners truffles (104g)

COCO LIBRE mini Santa and reindeer (60g)

SWEET VIRTUES chocolate halo thins gift set (165g)

WICKER HAMPER 620 x 400 x 290mm

*Contents are subject to change

This product may contain artificial additives deemed necessary for the nature or safety of the produce. You can check the dietary info for more details or read our policy on additives.

This product may contain artificial additives deemed necessary for the nature or safety of the produce. You can check the dietary info for more details or read our policy on additives.

Reviewed by

Excellent product. Loads of choice and mostly really nice stuff. One or two things that tasted a bit like cardboard, but on the whole, really happy with the box of goodies. Would definitely recommend.

Office Snack Box

Reviewed by

I enjoyed the box loads! Plenty of great gluten free snacks, only giving it 4/5 as I think that for the price, 1 or 2 more snacks would be good.

Gluten Free Snack Box

Reviewed by

Absolutely fantastic hamper. Very impressed, not only with the packaging and presentation but the quality of the items inside. Would recommend to anyone and would definitely buy again. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful hamper.

Deluxe Healthy Christmas Hamper

Reviewed by

My favourite delivery from the post man!
I love my boxes! It's great to trial lots of different treats that I wouldn't have normally picked out. They're so carefully thought out as they have such variety in them and I love the little touch of knowing who packed my box. Have recommended you to lots of people! Thanks :)

Paleo Snack Box

Reviewed by

Helping me through weight loss!!!
I love the monthly delivery of my box. It really helps me to plan out my snacks and enjoy some little treats. The great thing is that I get to try familiar products, as well as trying new products every month. I also like the fact that I can send feedback so my box becomes more customised to what I like!

Healthy Snack Box

Reviewed by

This is exactly what I was looking for! I have decided to take up the vegan lifestyle and needed something to start me off, this was the perfect addition to my newfound healthy lifestyle!! It includes a variety of brands and foods (sweet and savoury and some teas too) and despite being slightly expensive, the first box was half price, which encouraged me to try it. I have to say, i'm impressed! In a more health conscious society, these are the kinds of new ideas we need, especially if your are a uni student like myself and need something quick to snack on without the processed and artificial chemicals! I showed all my friends and some of them were even willing to try it out too! Thanks so much :) Definitely recommend to anyone who wants to explore a healthier way of living :)

Vegan Snack Box

Reviewed by

No better way to start your week than with a cheeky food delivery. Thank you Healthy Nibbles for my snack box of gluten-free goodies! Perfect snack friend

Gluten Free Snack Box

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This product may contain artificial additives deemed necessary for the nature or safety of the produce. You can check the dietary info for more details or read our policy on additives.

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