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Our All-Natural Food Promise

Our mission is to make healthy eating easy and delicious for everyone (read more here).

One of today's biggest food challenges is navigating the processed food culture where you need a science degree to understand typical ingredients lists because they are so full of unrecognisable additives. On Yumbles we want you to shop with confidence.

Absolutely everything you find on Yumbles is free of artificial flavours and colours.

What’s more, the majority of items on Yumbles are free of any kind of additive. We champion produce that contains only wholefood ingredients with names you can recognise.

There are some additives that you might come across in produce on Yumbles so that we can offer you with a broad choice. However they are only allowed with care (for example only additives that are broadly regarded as low risk and they are deemed necessary for the safety or nature of the product). These additives must be clearly labelled by the food maker so that you can make an informed decision.

Here’s the lowdown on the additives you might find in a small number of items on Yumbles:

  • Naturally derived additives: there are some additives derived directly from nature such as colours taken from plants, preservatives like citric acid from fruit…and so on. If you see any unrecognisable ingredients/ E-numbers mentioned look for the “Artificial Ingredients Free” value where the food maker has confirmed that these additives are indeed naturally derived and not synthetic.
  • Baking Powder: a common ingredient in most homes and used in cakes to give them rise. It contains one or more chemical acids.
  • Nitrates and Nitrites used on cured meats to make them safe. These substances exist in nature (not least in leafy greens like spinach) but in food production generally curers use the same substance that has been made in a lab. It is identical chemically to the substance found in nature and widely regarded as safe (it’s EU approved) if used in small quantities as is the case for all good curers.
  • Soy Lecithin: this is a common food additive including being used as an emulsifier in chocolate to give it a smooth and creamy texture. While it exists in nature (it comes from soy) it is typically extracted and processed using chemicals. Because Soy Lecithin is derived from soy it may also come from genetically-modified crops so if that is a concern for you look for either the "Organic" value or "GMO-free" value to avoid soy lecithin from GMO crops.

Where any of these last 3 artificial ingredients are present in a product you should see that the value "Artificial Ingredients Free" is NOT shown, and the following message is also flagged to you so that you can make an informed decision:

This product may contain artificial additives deemed necessary for the nature or safety of the produce. You can check the dietary info for more details or read our policy on additives.

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