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Brownie and the Bean

Brownie and the Bean


Lovingly handmade and carefully crafted to create the ultimate, indulgent, brownie experience

Brownie and the Bean is the brainchild of husband and wife team Luke and Charlotte, who share a wealth of experience in the food industry. Luke is the baker and has carefully crafted his secret family recipe to create the ultimate, indulgent, brownie experience. Charlotte can be found in the sales and marketing area of the business and is rarely without a brownie in her hand!

Unlike most other brownie companies, we don't simply stick other products on top. We try and recreate every step of the way using small batch baking (e.g. Ferrero Rocher- we made the hazelnut praline and the biscuits pieces ourselves). We make our own salted caramel, our own shortbread and much more. We are a husband and wife team with outstanding customer service and attention to detail. We hugely passionate about the craft of what we do, and we really do think our products reflect that. 

We're not the only ones who love them!

“Probably the most scrumptious brownies I have ever eaten. The flavours are so well balanced.They are the best gift to send to friends, family and I sent them to my friend as a new baby gift to get her through the exhausting first few weeks as a new mum. Charlotte and Luke make an amazing team and the customer service is always delightful” (Alicia) 

“Best ever brownies, baked with love