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The UK's first salami crisp brand, it is gluten free and Keto friendly.

Our range of salami crisps combine the meaty goodness of salami, with the satisfying crunch of crisps into one tasty product. 

Hamish and Andrew are the founders. They met whilst working together and quickly became friends after discovering they had a lot in common. They both loved rugby, had Polish wives, and enjoyed a cold beer (or two!) On their travels to Poland, they uncovered a whole new way of eating and drinking as Poland creates some outstanding meat products and beers. 

Like most promising ideas, the idea for BucknBird started in a pub. With Hamish being on ketogenic diet, he wasn’t able to share Andrew’s crisps in the pub, and so he asked, ‘What if we created a meat crisp? So, after a year of developing the perfect recipe to satisfy both the meat and crisp lover, BucknBird salami crisps was born. 

What’s with the name? Well Hamish is a die-hard South African who supports the Springbok’s or ‘bucks’ and Andrew is the Kiwi ‘bird’ supporting the All Blacks.

We're not the only ones who love them!

"These crisps are a total game changer! Very tasty, easy on the carbs and you don't feel guilty when you're tucking into them I highly recommend Buck'n'Bird" - Don Thomson

"I am amazed with the rich flavour and crunchy texture of these salami crisps. They're so different to all other crisp snacks. Strongly recommend!" - Eta Joll

"Oh my goodness! I just had to message to say how amazing these are!! Thank you, THANK YOU! I need a lifetime supply now." - Sarah Jane