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Caru Spirits

Caru Spirits


Welsh-inspired, ecologically conscious premium original liqueur.

Founded by a young welsh Landscape Architect, Emily, and refined by one of the UK's master distillers, Caru Spirits presents a premium  liqueur that's more than a beverage—it's a timeless tonic with a modern twist. Crafted in the award-winning distillery of Dr. John Walters, Caru's smooth British brandy liqueur boasts an exquisite blend of brandied raisins, vanilla, fresh orange, cocoa, and coffee, finishing with spiced prunes and a subtle hint of ginger. The artisanal product, sustainably made in the UK, marries tradition with innovation, offering a touch of spice to the classic spirit for a warming and comforting experience.

Caru meaning 'love' in Welsh, provides a delightful range, available in 50cl bottles or premium gift sets. The brand, committed to sustainability, partners with English Spirit Distillery, utilising surplus wine to create a delicious liqueur sweetened with locally sourced honey. With rave reviews and a commitment to ecological consciousness, Caru Spirits stands as a luxury brand, preserving local culture through high-quality, hand-distilled, and creatively blended spirits.

We're not the only ones who love them!

Delivery time was ok. More importantly the Caru Brandy Liqueur tastes absolutely delicious. I don't normally like Brandy, but this is heavenly. 


Stunning. A sensational seasonal sip. A warm fire, a good book and a glass of Caru. Perfection.


I was bit hesitant to try this brandy at food show in Malvern as I can’t stand Brandy. This is one of the nicest drinks I’ve had in a long time. Now on my second bottle and will definitely purchase more for myself and others in future.