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Dunnet Bay Distillers

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From the ceramic bottle to the seasonal varieties (regular, ...

From the ceramic bottle to the seasonal varieties (regular, spring, summer, autumn, winter strength) Rock Rose is a firm favourite and my all time "go to" gin for keeping around the house for when the weekend has arrived or guests, it's my number one. Like a wine I once bought based on its label, Rock Rose first struck me because of its bottle. I love art nouveau and this bottle design reminded me of my collection of Alphonse Mucha art work. The fluid lines and curled design remind me of romantic art of the period. So, here it was a beautiful bottle of gin with the art that I so much love. Bought with the thought that it would make a really nice candle or wild flower vase I did of course wonder what it tastes like....I did title this my favourite did it tase? It's lovely. I can depend on Rock Rose. I can depend on Rock Rose with a fave tonic, as a martini, you name it. I love it. It's just a beautiful gin.

Called "rose" for a reason this is a slight hit of rose root on the nose from there an expected hit of juniper and the unusual addition of cardamom but over 18, EIGHTEEN botanicals go into Rock Rose's distinct flavour. Amongst the array of botanicals is a mild citrus flavour (to me) and the (in my opinion) sea buckthorn which brings out the coastal flavour in the gin. Ya can't fail to give it a try. I personally love it.

Rock Rose Gin

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