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" Mheat? H is for healthy, happy, herbivore. "

Sgaia's Vegan Meats

Customer Review

I absolutely love the steaks iv tried them all in different ...

I absolutely love the steaks iv tried them all in different ways, as a steak in a sandwich with fried onions and bbq sauce, sliced up in a stroganoff (my mum who's not vegan tried it an loves it and keeps on asking for it again iv tried to make it with just mushrooms but she isn't happy as she wants the steak in it lol) I wish I could just be in good health long enough to get up to get some from them in person as they are such lovely people and I just want to hug them all day and say thanks for all the food hehe iv yet to try there new products but I'm very excited I'm planning on coming all the way to Edinburgh one weekend (2hrs plus travel up there one way) just to go to the leith market an see them again and get all the mheats hehe x

Original Mheat Steak Multipack - Vegan Meat

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