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Hop & Roll

Hop & Roll


Everything you need to make you own delicious, authentic tasting Sri Lankan Hopper, and Arrack Cocktail.

Rosh is the founder of Hop & Roll. She started this business in June 2019 as she always wanted to connect her business with her Sri Lankan heritage. She was brought up eating authentic spicy Sri Lankan food, and was bemused as to why this amazing cuisine was not more well known. She decided to focus on one of the hardest but also the most iconic Sri Lankan dishes – the hopper. She learnt from Sri Lankan cooks how to make these authentically, and coupled these with family recipes to create a hoppers street food business selling Sri Lankan hoppers, short eats and spicy sambals and curries. 

With no pre-made mix – you’ll be using their recipe to become experts of this amazing product. The kit contains all the specialist equipment and ingredients to make hoppers, a perfect gift experience for foodies, family and even yourself! Once you’ve used their kit, you’ll have a sri lankan feast like no other.

We're not the only ones who love them!

"The Sri Lankan street food operator Hop and Roll has branched out into hopper kits, providing everything you need to make the famed Sri Lankan fermented rice batter pancakes at home." - Jay Rayner of The Guardian