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Mother's Ruin Ltd

Mother's Ruin Ltd


Becky created the gin factory in the spirit of London’s long and disreputable history of gin drinking. It takes her a year to cold infuse her liqueurs for which she forages or grows much of the fruit she uses. She also has an orchard in Cumbria where she gets the damsons for her famous Damson Gin. All this patience plus these wonderful ingredients makes intensely flavoured truly gorgeous liqueurs. Fabulous when drunk neat over ice, but they are also unique ingredients for your own cocktail creations.

For the last two years she has also been distilling two classic gins in her two tiny potstills named Naomi and Cecilia after her mother and aunt. Using fresh not dried citrus peels, home grown botanicals and hand ground spices these are genuinely small batch gins with distinct provenance.

We're not the only ones who love them!

Over the years Becky has won numerous Great Taste Awards for her amazing liqueurs, plus a couple of World Champion titles, Good Housekeeping's best sloe gin, and a Bronze medal for her Old Tom gin.