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Organic Livity


An organic vegan pâtisserie, purveyor of healthy gourmet cuisine.

Organic Livity Pâtisserie made a name in London for their special private plant-based events such as fine dining and afternoon tea. The founder, Sidney simply combines indigenous spices, cultures with a huge passion for French Patisserie. He's creating a new panel of innovative healthy food and dessert that has never been seen before like his latest plating and plant-based raw Afro Me Vogue or CBD croissants. 

London's first plant-based Pâtisserie offering outstanding entremets and French creations with an unique touch, with also their large range of handcrafted raw cakes. Fully raw, never heated above 42 degrees unlike many in the industry. using 100% organic raw superfood such as maca, reishi musroom, matcha, ashwagandha,CBD, Irish Moss, spirulina. as well as fresh exoctic fruits like Maracuja, young coconut meat, baby banana, soursop, star apple, rambutan, pineapple just to name a few.

In short all treats are suitable for coeliac and plant-based diets, with a beautiful range of raw creations free from: sugar, dairy, soy, egg, oil, gluten, artificial, colouring, MSG. suitable for diabetics, and many nuts free options.