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Organic Livity

Organic Livity


Organic Livity invents a patisserie where sweet and savoury have the same respect in their desserts.

A veritable plant-based guru creating sophisticated desserts, fine dining dishes and high teas. Adhering to strict a self-sufficiency concept, Organic Livity crafts raw & sugar free cakes, freshly baked cakes, entremets, pastries and gourmet dishes by hand every day; where animal products, refined sugar, gluten, wheat, soy, dairy, artificial colouring & flavourings are eschewed from use in their kitchen. Their philosophy is to design creations that are more than simple desserts but can be nourishing, packed of benefits for the human body, leaning into healthy ingredients that tantalise all corners of the palate.

London’s first plant-based patisserie, Organic Livity sublimes the world, cutting-edge with their unique desserts with over 10 years of consistency. Their chef, Sidney Marton also known as The Wizard has created a good range of plant-based pastries that we see in the mainstream today like the raw rainbow cake, plant-based macarons, Paris-Brest, eclairs, or the CBD croissant. Originated from the island of Martinique, Sidney took the crucial decision to go live in an unknown country but also give up on his career as an engineer to enlighten his passion for pastry.

We're not the only ones who love them!

You may recognise this seller as they have been featured on ITV, Mirror, Sheerluxe, Balance, About Time, Pop Sugar, Evening Standard, Daily Mail. They were even seen at London Fashion Week alongside Roberta Einer!