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Five Easy Ways to Start Eating Healthier

Five Easy Ways to Start Eating Healthier

As we come to the end of our guide to healthier eating this Autumn, we're dying to share with you our last tip! - Getting The Most Out of Your Food

The purpose of eating healthy is usually to lose or control weight but mostly to get the right nutrients and benefits from the food we eat. Some may not taste as nice as a cake or friday night takeaway but we eat them because they work wonders on our bodies, give us energy and make us feel great. Eating a balanced diet of whole foods should give us all that we need to function well and learning what needs to be on your plate will help you get on the right tracks.


Important for muscle and body repair, protein is a vital part of a healthy diet as it is what helps our body keep growing. Especially if you are exercising you may need more protein than usual to help repair the torn muscle fibres. Oily fish and lean meat are great sources of protein, fish contains Omega-3 which is a brain boosting fatty acid that we can only get from food. Meat also contains lots of minerals and vitamins, mainly vitamin B12 that is only found in animal products.

Non meat proteins are also just as important and include things such as soy, tofu, beans and legumes, eggs, nuts and seeds. Vegetarians may need to try consume more protein than meat eaters as meat contains higher amounts per portion.


In order to have an all round healthy body we need a healthy digestive system, this is where fibre comes in handy. A high fibre diet also helps with reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke and can help you lose weight as it keeps us fuller for longer. Fibre is easy to get hold of and great news for vegetarians as it only comes from plant-based foods such as oats, fruits, cereals, nuts, seeds, linseeds and many more. Most of us don’t include enough of this into our diets, so make sure you’re swapping refined foods for wholemeal and whole wheat such as pasta, bread and rice.

Fruit and Vegetables

You may be sick of hearing it, but to have a healthy diet means getting your 5 a day. Fruit and veg contains essential vitamins, minerals and iron that we need and it can prevent diabetes, strokes and obesity. Knowing the health benefits of them should make it easier than ever to include some into your diet, there are many things you can do with fruit and veg and quick ways to get your fix can be as simple as adding a sliced banana to your cereal or whipping up a tasty fruit smoothie.

Alongside those mentioned above we also need to be getting enough calcium which helps us have strong bones and teeth and stop us deteriorating as we grow old, healthy fats for a healthy heart and enough iron to keep our red blood cells working. It is also important to enjoy what we eat, so finding ways to make tasty balanced meals will make a healthy lifestyle come easy.

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