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5 key food trends for 2024

5 key food trends for 2024

Strap in your taste buds and get ready for a culinary rollercoaster because we're diving headfirst into 2024's hottest food trends!  Our 2023 food trends were mostly spot on, so will these be what you'll be loving in 2024? 


1. Mushrooms

Hear us out.  Plant-based eating continues it's rise and rise but as we recalibrate from ultra-processed meat replacements mushrooms are primed and ready to have their moment and put the plants back in vegetarian eating. What's more the use of functional mushrooms like Lion's Mane are cropping up in everything from drinks to confectionery.  

Try the trend: Mushrooms


2. Flavoursome Heat


We're a nation of spice lovers but our increasingly sophisticated palates are searching for more complex flavours than just pure heat. Step forward artisanal chilli specialists like The Heat Lab and spice experts like Freshly Spiced who have developed hot sauces and spices that deliver big, bold flavours with satisfying heat.

Try the trend: Spicy Food


3. Next Gen NOLO


No & low alcoholic drinks have now been around for the past few years and thankfully the quality has come on leaps and bounds. You know a drink category has gone mainstream when your tipple loving parents in their 70s opt for a glass of "no secco" on Christmas Day. Inconceivable a mere 12 months ago!  2024 will usher in the most credible alternatives yet, with artisanal makers as always leading in the innovation.

Try the trend:  No Alcohol Drinks, Low Alcohol Drinks


4. Tinky Treats

The cost of living crisis and all kinds of economic pressures these past few years have paved the way for a growing culture of quality over quantity and looking for extra value in everything we buy. There's also an emergence of low cost luxuries hitting the sweet spot and in 2024 that is none more so than little treats to make our everyday special.  

Try the trend: Tinky Treats


5. Gut Health Heroes


Gut health is now top of mind for many Brits with credible health reports from numerous sources, and likely your own GP, telling us that it is essential for strong overall health. Happily gut loving food and drink can taste pretty darn fantastic too. 

Try the trend: Gut Friendly Foods



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