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Suck It & Say

Suck It & Say


Suck It and Say is a brand new venture from the famous alcoholic confectionery brand 'Holly's Lollies'.

Born on Kickstarter 3 years ago they have come a long way since then. From making lollipops in their kitchen to branching out into humbugs, rock sweets, drink stirrers and GIANT lollipops, supplying major stores across the world, from Harvey Nichols to Brown Thomas. It's their giant lollipops that inspired their new venture. They started labeling them for Valentines Day with sayings such as 'I Love You More Than Gin' and they went down a storm.

Always a fan of a pun, suck it and say plays on the old saying 'Suck It and See'. Their new range of lollipops are full of puns, something for everyone and never boring.

Their lollipops are the perfect alternative greetings card. Unlike their standard lollipops, not only do they have a fun sticker design, but they come with a tag and ribbon so you can write your own message and tie it on.

Most traditional greetings cards get thrown away within a week or so. But these lollipops have space for a message, are totally delicious and ship for the same price as a large letter.

The lollipops themselves are made in the UK using traditional methods, vegan, gluten free and a huge 100mm wide. And their boozy flavors are made with REAL alcohol. It's what we they are famous for. Gift and card or rolled into one! What more could you want?