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Super Ghee


A healthy, delicious and lactose-free alternative to butter and oil. 

Preet grew up in India, where Ghee is extremely popular. Ghee was a staple in her home and her mother used to make her own. Super Ghee is the very same recipe, handed down to Preet. When she moved to the UK, she wanted to continue using it in her own cooking. She tried lots of different brands but they didn’t taste as good as “home”. She is now sharing the same Ghee she grew up with and all of its goodness too.

Ghee is a healthier, lactose-free and delicious alternative to butter and cooking oils. It is made by cooking and filtering butter, making it a lactose-free, shelf-stable butter oil that is good for digestion and metabolism. Super Ghee offers ghee in multiple flavours - Original, Turmeric, Himalayan Pink Salt & Roasted Garlic, and all of them are delicious, incredibly creamy and full of flavour. It is versatile and can be used as a spread, for hot beverages, in all types of cooking & even baking. They are the first to reinvent this ancient superfood and create these many flavours!

We're not the only ones who love them!

Super Ghee recently won a Great Taste Award for theur roasted garlic ghee!