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The Chocolate Workshop

The Chocolate Workshop


Proud purveyors of handmade mind-bending chocolate oddities.

Mo and Ed set up the business in early 2014, selling their chocolate at some small craft events and markets. Since then they’ve expanded their range and beefed up their stand and are regularly on the road taking their crazy chocolate all over the country. Mo and Ed love the reaction their chocolate gets when people see it for the first time. It constantly spurs them on to keep adding new amazing creations to their range, so they can keep on surprising people every time they see their range.

They’re really obsessive about the quality of their chocolate and never compromise on taste. It’s very time-consuming to make, and the finished product is so visually fantastic it would be a tragedy to ruin it all with a cheap chocolate, so they use truly top-notch ingredients to make their amazing creations. What’s more, all of their chocolate is suitable for vegans. They don’t use any animal products in their amazing recipe. Even their creamy, dreamy smooth white chocolate. 

We're not the only ones who love them!

Did you know that The Chocolate Workshop won a load of national awards and got invited to St James’ palace by the Royal Family?