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The English Rose Bakery

The English Rose Bakery


Emma and Marie are the faces behind the English Rose Bakery.  Business partners but foremost ‘friends in business’.  The English Rose Bakery was founded in June 2010, just over a decade ago.  From humble beginnings trading at farmers’ markets we are now proud to own a business that brings smiles to many people around the U.K… whether we make your wedding favours or a little box of macarons turns up at your door from a thoughtful friend who wanted to cheer you up. 

Emma has a background of design and fashion and left her job in knitwear in Switzerland to follow her dream of working for herself using her love of food and baking. She fell in love with the French ‘Macaron’ one weekend on a visit to Laduree in Zurich and wanted to take the idea back to Manchester where she studied and made her close friends. Marie left her career in social services after all her friends were ordering her wonderful cake creations which she used to make in her spare time. Whilst Emma was looking for another pair of hands in the bakery during the time of Selfridges supply in 2012 she interviewed Marie and they instantly clicked. Marie joined as a business partner a year later and they have been best friends and business partners ever since. 

The French ‘Macaron’ or English ‘Macaroon’ comes from the Italian word ‘Maccarone’ which is derived from ‘ammaccare’ meaning to crush or beat, in this case used in reference to the almonds which are the principal ingredient in our delicious English Rose Bakery macarons.  Some say that baking the perfect macaroon is a fine art, requiring lots of patience and an element of unique ‘know how’ only achievable after months of practice.  Baking Classes We have been teaching the art of the macaron to hundreds of people over the last 8 years. It is a really fun and informative class, we share our recipe and our years of experience and secrets to make sure our students leave confident to make their own batches of macarons at home.