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Father's Day Hamper

Terroir Hamper

The French Comte offer you specific hampers for Father's day. 

Those Hampers are compose of our famous French products, especially selected for fathers. 


Terroir Hamper

  • Bleu d'Auvergne 250g
  • Comte 36 months 250g
  • Saucisson Traditionnel 400g
  • Terinne de campagne 190g
  • Terrine de Carnard a l'orange 190g 
  • Cote du Jura Pinot red wine 75cl
  • Cornichons extra fin small 190g
  • Moutarde black truffles 230g 
  • Saucisse lentille 380g


Gourmet Hamper

  • Tomme with Truffles 250g
  • Morbier 100 days 250g
  • Comte 24 months 250g
  • 5 meats platter : duck magret, saucisson campagnard, tavaillon, coppa & lonzo
  • 3 peppers saucisson 400g 
  • Terrine forestiere 190g
  • Pot au feu 380g
  • Aiguillette de canard aux griottes 180g 
  • Jura pinot noir armoni 75cl
  • Mustard green pepper 230g
  • Cremant du jura premium 75cl


Keep cheeses in the fridge, and other products as well when they will open. 

Comes 4-8 weeks before the best before date.

Artificial ingredients free
Artificial ingredients free
Antibiotics/ synthetic hormones free
Antibiotics/ synthetic hormones free

 Cheeses : Milk, lactic ferment

 Meat : pork, beef, duck

Wine : Alcohol


Allergy Advice:

Reviewed by

Simply baked with garlic, rosemary & honey. So tasty.

Camembert Bertrand

Reviewed by

Amazing flavor and smell. Took me home to my Grandfathers knee where I learned to eat strong cheese with saltine crackers. Of course it was not this lovely cheese but a good warm soft cheese whose name I cannot remember. Smelled and tasted like this. Grandma chased us with her broom from the kitchen laughing as she did so. BUT THIS is a magic cheese worth every pence, scheckel, penny!

Langres Cheese

Reviewed by

The Raclette cheese was delicious, an authentic taste of France. Delivery service was very good,

Raclette Cheese

Reviewed by

Excellent one of the best cheeses around delivery was very good


Reviewed by

Beautifully made and packaged food. Very good quality and very tasty. Such a treat. Thank you.

French Pork Rillettes (190g)

Reviewed by

The rillettes are more like a course pate than normal rillettes being quite chunky and solid rather than moussey and smooth. However, they are nice (we tried the plain pork and the wild garlic varieties). Quite strong so a little goes a long way. Would buy again.
Particularly pleased with how the seller handled an error in the order, resolving it and sending out the right items very swiftly. Would buy from this seller again because of their good customer service.

French Pork Rillettes (190g)

Reviewed by

Gorgeous cheese … and I should know: am French!

Edel de Cleron Cheese

Reviewed by

Fabulous cheese and salami with hazelnuts. Speedy delivery and well packed.


Reviewed by

Delicious cheese, arrived very soon after being ordered and packaged well for the journey from London. I love Borough Market but sadly haven't been able to visit for over a year so it's lovely to ve able to get produce from one of its stalls by post.

Reblochon Cheese

Reviewed by

Absolutely brilliant product and service! Love the cheese!


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    Artificial ingredients free
    Artificial ingredients free
    Antibiotics/ synthetic hormones free
    Antibiotics/ synthetic hormones free
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