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The Gulab Jamun Company

The Gulab Jamun Company


Freshly made authentic gulab jamuns - an iconic Indian dessert.

Originating in London, our family owned, family crafted and family orientated ideals have carved a niche in the UK market. With this opportunity, we have perfected a Gulab Jaman recipe that embodies qualities of being delicious, uncompromisable and freshly produced. 

In 2021 and for the future, our vision is simple: make our Gulab Jamans a staple of Indian dessert nationwide. With a rigorous rebranding process, focused upon developing, improving, and acting upon consumer experience – a scrupulous drive for constant enhancement is at the forefront of our mindset.

With this, we are proud to announce a new packaging style and a factory operation setup; the opportunity for growth fuels a desire within us to introduce a benevolent, irresistible, and delicious home-made recipe to millions. Fine ingredients, patient production and quality assurance are all significant factors in manufacturing our Gulab Jamuns.

We have currently expanded our production to its zenith – reaching our highest rate till date, indicating a salient development in our supply. Dreams do come true, especially if you add the ingredients of hard-work and perseverance. 

We always get asked. What else do we make? What else do we do? Quite frankly, we pioneer in making Gulab Jamuns. This is our forte.