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The Solid Chocolate Company

The Solid Chocolate Company


Award-winning 100% solid chocolate eggs and bars, nut free and with recyclable packaging. 

Founded by Simon, a true lover of chocolate and creator of World Food Innovation Award winning chocolate eggs. As a child Simon dreamed of such solid eggs and was always disappointed when the Easter eggs he received were hollow inside. Hence, he took this dream and made it into reality.  

After many years tinkering to create a solid chocolate egg, in his own kitchen at home, he finally came up with the perfect mould. He put together 42 perfectly formed pieces into one large egg – hence The Solid Chocolate Egg was born!

Each Solid Chocolate Eggs contain­s 750 grams of high quality Belgian chocolate. This Easter Egg simply won’t disappoint. There is a choice of different chocolate flavours to enjoy; Milk, Dark, White, Milk Caramel, Colombian Single Origin Egg and Dark Mint.

All flavours are also available as huge, half kilo Big Bars!

We're not the only ones who love them!

Won the World Food Innovation Award 2017 for Best Confectionery Innovation and been on ITV!