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Easton Chilli

Easton Chilli


Award-winning chilli jams, hot sauces and other spicy condiments that make every meal delicious.

Easton Chilli embodies a spicy journey rooted in sustainability and ethical ideals. Founder Rikki Tooley, established the business in 2020, transforming a kitchen experiment into a flourishing venture. The brand's commitment to giving back is evident, with 10% of profit from each item being donated to charity. Sustainability resonates in every aspect – from minimalistic packaging using recyclable materials to printing merchandise on-demand, reducing waste. Easton Chilli thrives on transparency, openly sharing financial reports and fostering a community engaged in its spicy philanthropy.

Rikki's story spices up the journey, originating from his Easton kitchen in 2017. Fueled by a desire for quality chilli jam, Rikki's recipes evolved, leading to the creation of Easton Chilli during the 2020 lockdown. The venture, once a side project, has ripened into a full-time pursuit, having produced over 2500 jars and sauces across 15 unique recipes, garnering accolades like the prestigious 3-star Great Taste award for the 'Black Garlic Chilli Jam' and Taste of the West Gold awards for 'Salted Pineapple Chilli Jam' and 'Blueberry & Habanero Chilli Jam'.