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Heavenly Hedgerows


Heavenly Hedgerows was born of a love of foraging for wild food, inspired by a free-range New Zealand childhood and the delights of the West Country's bountiful seasons. They produce award-winning gourmet jellies, jams and liqueurs, mostly from hand-picked local wild berries and flowers. These key ingredients are then taken back to their farmhouse kitchen, prepared and bottled in small batches.

Heavenly Hedgerows are passionate about good quality, locally produced, food. When they’re not in the kitchen or out berry picking, Heavenly Hedgerows can be found giving wild walks, talks and cookery classes.

We're not the only ones who love them!

"When it comes to wild plants that are tasty and worthwhile I can think of no better guide than Chris. Her passion , knowledge and enthusiasm for all really useful wild treats is immense and all this is delivered in such a light hearted, casual and un-intimidating way that you cant help but fall in love with the world of Heavenly Hedgerows as seen through her eyes. The raw produce, once sustainably collected, is turned into the most delightful collection of preserves and liqueurs which I never tire of sampling. Chris is an excellent cook, an expert forager and a natural tutor. It's as simple as that." Quote from Tim Maddams - www.greensauce.co.uk Kamil Oseka, Head Chef, The Pig Hotel nr Bath - on our Seville Orange Marmalade "Chris Westgate, who makes this, lives just minutes away and she supplies us with a range of produce from jams to honey. We've offered her hand-cut Seville Orange Marmalade at the hotel breakfast table since we opened. I love it because it's less sweet than other marmalades. I also cook with it. I add a dash to the oil, vinegar and mustard dressing that I use to finish our smoked duck salad - it gives it a sweetness and slight taste of orange. I also make it into a dessert jelly that I serve with thyme ice cream".