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House Drams

House Drams


Whisky tasting sets for experienced and amateur enthusiasts alike. 

House Drams began as a lockdown project; they would distribute whisky samples to friends and family and enjoy them over Zoom as a makeshift ‘virtual whisky tasting’. They would select interesting drams that they loved and chat about them until they had almost forgotten about the misery of lockdown. It may have been the drams talking but the overwhelmingly positive feedback encouraged them to start their own business with the same approach. 

House Drams sell whisky tasting sets comprised of five hand-picked 30ml whisky samples, with corresponding tasting cards which they write themselves. Their products are unlike anything else in whisky; they have moved from the rustic colours with which whisky is usually associated, to vibrant colours on black packaging. They are truly independent, with each of their tasting sets having been carefully curated with the best-in-class drams: no ‘fillers’, no dead stock and no sponsored liquid!

Their goal is to prove there is a whisky out there for everyone! So whether you are new to whisky, or are looking to explore different examples of what’s out there, House Drams is there to help.