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Moons Green Charcuterie


Uniquely British hand-cured meats and gourmet saucissons.

At Moons Green butchery they have a cure for people who are fed up with factory-made food. Rare breed pig farmer and food writer John Doig and his Portuguese partner chef José Azevedo use custom reared pork (at least twice the size of commercial pigs) for their charcuterie. They create every recipe, stuff every stick of Moons Green saucisson, grind their own spices, hand rub every cure into every slipper, loin, collar, bresaola and pancetta slab.

These two charcutiers are artisans working in a world dominated by chemists and factories and they make a mouth-wateringly good sausage!

We're not the only ones who love them!

“They are one of the leaders of the new British Charcuterie movement, making an amazing array of fabulous saucissons, bacons, hams and uniquely British cured meats.”

The Moons Green Monster Charcuterie Hamper
by Moons Green Charcuterie
From  £50.00
Authentic Beer Sticks
13 sticks
by Moons Green Charcuterie
Moons Green Magical Meat Trip
by Moons Green Charcuterie
From  £50.00
The Moons Green Modest Charcuterie Hamper
by Moons Green Charcuterie
From  £35.00
Beautiful British Bresaola
Approx. 250g
by Moons Green Charcuterie