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One Earth Organics

Milton Keynes

Organic superfood blends with transparency, sustainability and wellbeing for everyone at their heart.

Founded by Dr Susan Thirakornratch, who has over a decade of experience in supporting sustainable agricultural projects across Asia and Africa. She wanted to do something beneficial while helping smallholder farmers, so she created One Earth Organics. They work closely with their suppliers, such as B’Ayoba, their baobab supplier, who have great success stories such as helping 2,000 families survive drought in Zimbabwe.

Their range uses premium superfood ingredients at high percentages, and laboratory tests have shown that they are among the most nutrient dense superfood blends in the world! An easy and tasty way to get an array of vitamins, proteins and anti-oxidants into your diet.


We're not the only ones who love them!

One Earth blends have been featured in Vogue for their Spring Feast Favourites.

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From  £3.59
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Vanilla Zilla Superfood Blend - Baobab, Bee Pollen & Carob Multiple sizes available
by One Earth Organics
From  £3.99